Study ST offers this service under the scientific supervision of Professor Chiara Mio.

The relationship between a company and the social-economic context in question, requires you to possess tools that put the management in a position of being able to establish a profitable relationship with stakeholders.

In particular, it is necessary for a company to appreciate, assess and represent its social commitment, revealing environmental and social strategies, with a view to facilitate a fluid and positive information flow to external entities. Furthermore, in order to engage and empower all the stakeholders, it is preferable to opt for co-responsibility and co-determination strategies for social and environmental policies.

Study ST prefers a procedural approach as far as these issues are concerned, directed not so much at how the report is “packaged”, but at the introduction of a dynamic process management that supports the sustainable development strategy, as we are convinced that the aim of our work is to chaperone a company on a virtuous path of sustainable development.