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It is becoming more and more apparent that successful companies, successful in the sense of harmonic and long-term growth, will be those who know how to plan their future. This is a fact that is in plain sight for everyone to see, and has been forever "preached" in company literature, yet it is often ignored by Italian companies. If old business models were principally based on intuition and experience, the new challenges posed by markets require changing the way you do things: it is vital to know where you are heading, how you are going to get there and, above all, why! Just like the stories about Prometheus (a man of great foresight), successful companies will be those who "see" their future and become, as far as possible, "creators of their own destiny". Improvised management is no longer an option: the only strategy is the “here and now”! Studio ST was born on the basis of these convictions. Our business model can be represented by the following conceptions:

Studio ST’s role is that of "creating growth" for businesses, and the way to achieve growth is by going through the strategy, marketing and control processes, with extreme attention towards environmental and social issues.
Strategy for planning the company’s future, Marketing for strengthening its market presence, Control for determining behaviour, Corporate social responsibility for the best possible relationship with stakeholders.

Fondazione CUOA

Visit our Facebook page Fondazione CUOA, click “like” at the following link: Fondazione CUOA and keep up to date on the latest...

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Shanghai Jiao Tong University


In August and September 2013 Eugenio Tebaldi held a Seminar at the fourth Chinese University in Shanghai (Shanghai Jiao Tong...

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Il sistema di strategia e controllo

Un nuovo articolo per il centro di formazione cuoa: Il sistema di Strategia e Controllo a cura di Andrea Stefani 

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La strategia scende in vigna

Talento o preparazione, intuito o strategia? Il mondo del vino (italiano) è densamente popolato da personalità strabordanti che potrebbero far...

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Studio ST e fondazione CUOA


Continua la collaborazione tra Studio ST (società di consulenza di Direzione attiva nei temi di Strategia, Marketing e Controllo di...

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